Mygica ATV310B is a product connected to your TV via HDMI that turn your TV to a multifunction smart TV. It is a revolutionary entertainment on your TV.

It is also an Android HD Media player, a mini Android PC, an IPTV Set-top box, a home media hub & NAS and a DLNA server, a photoviewer, a game player, a music player, a huge size screen e-book/ e-magazine/ e-newspaperreader, it provides a very powerful Android smart TV experience

A New home Entertainment for you by MyGica
Everything else is already in the box! And you can now access to the internet and the whole world at your Doorstep.
Ready to use on any TV (CRT, LCD or LED), ATV 310B supports Normal video input and HDMI,
But for best performance you can get it by using a HD LCD or LED. However, you can turn your home tv to a Android SmarTv.


All you need is a vacant HDMI port or Standard Video input (RCA) on your Television. All the cables are
Included and no need to worry about that.

HDMI -(High-Definition Multimedia Interface)

First connect MyGica Android smart TV Box with given HDMI or RCA cable and secondly
you can be easily connect HDMI or RCA Cable right into your Tv'sHDMI port or video input (RCA) port .
After that connect you power supply and plug it. Go to wifi or LAN settings on ANDROID and adjust according to your connections.
Thatsall !
Your Tv is now Powered by Androd through MyGica.


WIFI or ETHERNET @ your Home

MyGica Android Tv box directly connects to the Internet and so need an Internet connection, It could be Wi-Fi® Ethernet connection.

MyGica Android Tv Box Just converting your existing home TV will cost you a minimal cost as compared to buying New TELEVISION.
21st Century Technology at very reasonable price will lead you to Save your money.

MyGica Android Smart Tv
Feel the difference With Android style Interface on your Home Television .User friendly and more Familiar Interface will help you to access the internet very easily.


Turn your Tv into aAndroid Smart Mini Pc , MygicaAndroidTVBox Foryou can use your home TV as a Mini PC.
Ideal for Those who are works only on theInternet, E-mailing, Watching videos-You tube Internet TV& Radio, Skype video, Small Office,.
Minimal cost as compared to a Computer also a great advantage.

Most of them are tried to buy a computer with a highest configuration, not even think about the purpose of buying it,
Spent big money for a PC and most of them are doing a minimal work like, surfing the Internet, E-Mailing, Skyping, Reading the News Paper, Reading Books watching Videos, Typing Letter etc., and that’s all. More than 50% of the Hardware is not using and what they have spent is useless and also power wasting.

Mygica Android TV Box is an ideal device for those who are doing a minimal day to day work.
Also watching on a big screen may convenient rather than watching at a small pc screen.
Also watching a movie on the internet by sit back your settee is more convenient.


Connect Wireless devices to TV

You can connect wireless devices to MyGica Android Smart TV Box very easily.Is supporting many wireless peripherals.


Keyboards, Mice, Trackball, Webcams (Mygica compatible models only), Usb Hub etc.,


Connect Bluetooth devices to TV
Simply you can transfer your data between Bluetoothdevices and the Television through MyGica Android Tv Box.