FAQs For Smart Android TV Box (General)
Question : How do I connect my Enjoy TV Box to my TV ?
Answer : The way to connect Enjoy TV Box to the TV is via a HDMI cable. The ATV1200 can also be connected by composite or component RCA cables also

Question : How do I connect up my network in XBMC?
Answer : All Enjoy TV Box devices connect to the network via wired RJ45 Ethernet or wireless G/N. The recommended is of wired Ethernet.

Question : How do I install apps from USB?
Answer : Application can be installed from the Google Play Store or from USB using the application installer.

Question : How to turn on and off/ sleep?
Answer : The remote can be power up from sleep using the remote power button.

Question : What do I do if my Box Freezes?
Answer : This can happen sometime due to some programs. If this does disconnect the power count to 5 and reconnect.

Question : How do I Update the firmware?
Answer : Upgrading is very easy. If there is a new firmware available it will automatically advise you and give you the option to update over the internet. You can also download the firmware from

Question : Can I Use a USB hub To add more USB Devices
Answer : Will have to check this one

Question : How do I navigate through XBMC with the supplied remote?
Answer : Yes, XBMC uses the directional arrows, OK ,Back and menu buttons.

Question : Will this really do 1080 and virtually all video formats?
Answer : Yes! This is a full port of XBMC! It is not a thin client or lite version! Note: Hardware video decoding is supported.

Question : Is XBMC for Android different from normal XBMC?
Answer : The current version of XBMC for Android is based on XBMC v12.1 frodo, and is based on the same code as XBMC for all the other supported platforms.
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