Up to now the television technology that has been has both a broadcasting station & a television set which is a device that receives whatever broadcast from the TV station giving the viewer Entertainment programs, Knowledge, Communication & entertainment.

Later, external devices were introduced to television, such as VCR, VCD, DVD, Blue Ray Players which are known as “Home Entertainment” devices. Along with these devices, Satellite TV, Cable TV & internet TV was introduced recently as a Facility other than locally broadcasted TV channels.
“Geniatech” which is based in China has introduced an “Android” based device known as “MyGica Android smart TV Box”, which turns your Home television into a sophisticated android smart TV.

From “MyGica Andriod smart TV Box”, you can experience what a “SMART TV” does, and this device can be easily fitted to Your home television and transform it in to a “Android Smart TV set.

Through this device you can experience:

• Surfing the internet from your home television
• Check your emails from your home television
• Watch YOUTUBE videos from your home television
• Skype to communicate with others from your home television
• Log into “FACE BOOK” from your home television

And many more Android Applications can be used from your home television set.

This device is affordable and inexpensively produced, which can be utilized by every one of any age or Profession of people.

“MyGica Andriod smart TV Box” works similar to a mini - computer, and it does contain a Processor CPU, System Memory RAM, and main storage memory ROM. To extend its main storage (like a hard disk does in a computer) this unit facilitates SD CARD ports. “MyGica Andriod smart TV Box” does most of the work which is done by a home computer.

Also this device contains WiFi, LAN port RJ45, HDMI, R/C Video output