Q1: Why is the image inconsistent?
1. Please try others USB slot in your PC.
2. Please check If the OS requirement is lower than the minimum request. 
3. DirectX Show. Please check if the VGA card supports Direct Show.
4. Please Upgrade your PC to Windows XP Service pack2.

Q2: Why does the driver doesn’t get isntalled?
1. Please check if the name of Facility Management is USB TV Stick.
2. Update DIRECTX9.0C is belonging to CD.

Q3: Why I can not see the image?
1. Try to pull out reinsert application.
2. Try to reinstall driver.

Q4: Why do the color and sound have problem when watching TV?
Please check if the “Country and Zone” is correct.
Remark: The accessories and bundled software may not be the exactly same as this manual. The
specifications are subject to change without notice.