An Overview of what can be done by the MyGica Android Smart TV Box
MYGICA ANDROID SMART TV BOX :An ideal device for use at Exhibitions.
For Example if you are an exhibitor at BMICH , Convention centre or anywhere to promote PRODUCTS /SERVICES, all you need to dois install a TV atyour stall and plug in MYGICA ANDROID SMART TV BOX to your TV and enable WI-FI to display your website and product, services etc.,

People at your exhibition stall can watch and surf your website to know about
your Products / Services on your Large screen TV or on your Overhead Projectorwhich is connected MYGIC ANDROID SMART TV BOX at your stall.
You can use product / Services details, Product videos, Company videos etc.
On a micro sd card, Pen drive or even on a Hard drive MYGICA ANDROID SMART TV BOX which supports all most all the file formats.

* Access to Company Web Site
* Total Media Solution for your Products
* Products on Large Screen
* Smart Your Old Projector
* Get benefits from Customize apps

Make app and feed to MYGICA ANDROID SMART TV BOX at your exhibition stall to enter client details, Product & Services Voting system, and instant email your product details to the client at the exhibition, which will be of great advantage to your company. After the Exhibition you can store this device in your Lobby or Office to promote your company products instead of keeping it in a store room.

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